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  1. Finally! My French language exam is done, I have the paper in my hand, I officially speak French now 😎 Merci à mon école de français Institut Francophonie Nantes ainsi qu’à mes deux colocs avec qui je le parle tout le temps !

  2. Merci ! J’ai beaucoup aimé mes cours de français parce que j’ai l’impression d’apprendre comme chez moi, confortable et détendu.

  3. I liked it from the first day ! Maëva, our teacher, was very helpful and tried to just talk in French (which, even for someone who never learnde French before, was totally understandable), she was also very patient and tried to support everyone based on their skills and French level.
    We were just a group of five to seven people, sometimes mixed with another group to communicate, but mostly a small group, which helped to keep a well timed work/learn flow.
    For just attending the French class for two weeks I have to admit, I feel like I learned a lot! Plus we got a book, which now is very supportive to learn at home.
    In the end I have to say, the two weeks flew by too fast and I would have enjoyed to stay there much longer!

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