Our history

Everything started in 1991 ...

Its in her house that Chantal Dralez, , Institut Francophonie creator, chose to teach French to foreigners. From 1991 to 2015, she welcomed more than 3,500 students, alongside her daughter Florence, also one of the French teacher.

But who are these students and where do they come from? questioned a journalist from the local newspaper Ouest-France in 2011.

I have 60% of au pairs from foreign countries, foreign spouses married to French people, students from the Erasmus program and those enrolled at the Beaux-Arts in Nantes, who finance their courses, as well as foreign employees. "Most of them come from Europe, from eastern countries: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia or Moldova. “But there are also Asians, Brazilians, Mexicans etc. "

The atmosphere is friendly but serious. “They are a very pleasant, motivated and hardworking audience.

Chantal Dralez therefore practiced this profession that she loved so much for 24 years, creating bonds between her students. She helped them in their efforts, anxious to listen to them, "But without ever disregarding the requirements linked to my mission and my teaching responsibility".

In return, she learns a lot from them and says she is very happy about this relationship of mutual esteem. Back in their country, some do not fail to give their news.

As I like to read, I recently received "Le petit Prince" (The Little Prince) in Russian and Japanese, "she says, touched.

When Chantal DRALEZ retired, Maude SALEIRO took over Institut Francophonie in 2015. "It is with great pride that I take up the torch and continue to keep these links and this international dynamic alive. "

Adeline RAFFIN, now one of the pillars of Institut Francophonie, will join the team in July 2018.

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