DELF/DALF/TCF exam preparation

Put all the chances on his side to pass the exam !

  • 2 group classes of 2 HOURS/week
  • 16 hours – 4 weeks
  • Tuesday and Thursday 9: 30am to 11: 30am
  • 6 to 12 students per class
  • Levels A1 to C1
  • From September to June
  • Possible start : every Monday in September and then every first Monday of the month
  • Price : 180€*

*Registration fee : 40€ (valid for one year)




Presentation of diplomas DELF/DALF/TCF

Three internationally recognized standards and issued by the Ministry of Education French.

DELF : Diplome d'etudes en Langue Française . Available on 4 levels : A1, A2, B1 and B2 (beginner to intermediate).

DALF : Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française . Available on 2 levels : C1 and C2 (advanced level).

You will be evaluated on the 4 language skills : oral production, written production, oral comprehension, written comprehension. To obtain your degree, the mark of at least 50/100 is required.

The Institut Francophonie prepares you for these reviews, but there is no examination centre.

How long is valid for my diploma DELF/DALF ? For life ! 

Do I have to pass all the levels before you take the DELF B2 ? No. Register directly at the review of your level. Your teacher will advise you on this subject.

What level of education is required to integrate a university or graduate school in France ? Level B2 or C1. Find out precisely with your school.


TCF : Test of Knowledge of French

Test procedure : 3 compulsory tests in the form of multiple-choice questions (oral comprehension, written comprehension and language structure) + 2 optional components (written expression and oral expression).

Result : it is expressed as a score between 0 and 699 points. Your score determines your level of French (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2).

How long is valid the result of my test ? 2 years.


Where to take the DELF/DALF/TCF ? In Nantes, the University organizes the DELF B1 and B2, DALF C1 and TCF.

September 2024: school year will start on September 9th. Enrollment is now open !More information