Professional Courses



Does your company welcome international employees? Boost their French!

Courses eligible for company, OPCO, CPF financing (for CPF financing, the course must be certified and include a DELF or DALF or TCF exam)

From beginner to advanced, in groups or individual lessons, we will build a schedule and course content together. Several possibilities include:

  • general French
  • professional French
  • French for a specific objective
    (secretary, medicine, law, oenology French, etc.),
  • perfecting speaking or writing
  • exam preparation

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Searching for work?

You can request funding for French classes from Pôle Emploi. Please contact us to obtain an invoice. Please note that an invoice does not imply that you have been accepted to receive funding.

Think about using your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)!

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Pensez à votre Compte personnel de formation (CPF) pour le financement de vos cours de français FLE ! Consider your Personal Training Account (CPF) to finance your French course !