English lessons

English is fun !

Institut Francophonie opens up to the world and offers you the opportunity to improve, perfect and above all practice your English in a relaxed, friendly and international atmosphere! CPF eligible training.

Two formulas:


English conversation classes

Have you studied English before but feel the need to practice the language?


Public: French or foreign adults and teenagers (from 16 years old). Learners from all over the world.

Goal: practice speaking and develop vocabulary. Grammar will be practiced orally. Possibility to prepare for the various existing language tests.

Levels: from A2 level (school English)

Starting dates: from September to June

Rythme : 2 lessons of 2 hours per week - from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

Days of course: consult us.

Duration: registration from 4 to 12 weeks. Possibilty to renew your session. To be renewed no later than 15 days before the end of your session.

Fee : 45 €/week. Annual registration fees: 40 €

Individual classes

Do you need a specific instruction or an “à la carte” schedule ? We recommend particular or mini-group lessons (from 2 to 4 participants): friends, colleagues, couples, etc ...


Advantage: together we determine your schedule, your pace of learning and the content of your training, according to your needs and availability. You can choose to study general, professional or English for a specific purpose (writing or speaking skills, business English, etc.)

Public: foreign adults-teenagers (from 16 years old)

Goal: After a precise analysis of your needs and your objectives, we will define your training program together.

Levels: from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)

Starting dates: flexible. Possible at any time of the year.

Pace and training days, times: flexible. Schedule defined according to your wishes and availability.


– individual lessons: 37€/hour

- duo or trio lessons: 46 €/hour (total)



Pensez à votre Compte personnel de formation (CPF) pour le financement de vos cours de français FLE ! Consider your Personal Training Account (CPF) to finance your French course !